Riverdale: 10 Questions We Need to Ask (Part 10)

1) Cheryl’s mom is a HOOKER?!????

2) Who is taking pictures of Archie? Is it the FBI guy?

3) Are FBI agents allowed to approach minors to be informants in their sting operations withOUT parental consent? This seems v unlikely.

4) Did the Southside Serpents ride to their new school together? How did they all end up walking in at the same time?


5) Since the principal said no one could wear any gang paraphernalia, does that mean I have to take off my Southside Serpent sweatpants? BECAUSE THESE ARE THE MOST COMFORTABLE SWEATPANTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. (Also, don’t judge me for owning clothes from Hot Topic. You want these pants. You NEED these pants. These pants are life.)

6) Why is Archie so trusting of COMPLETE strangers like this FBI dude? I swear, he is so dumb.

7) Could we get an outfit change for FP? Hard to look tough in that white shirt and bow tie, bro. (Hard to look hott, too, which let’s be for real is my actual issue.)

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 9.44.27 AM

8) In what world can you force only a certain population of your school to wear a uniform? It’s 2018, man. This has discriminatory lawsuit written all over it.

9) Since when did “Chic” become a nickname for Charles? And why is Betty’s dad against knowing the son? I’d like to start a rumor that Hal isn’t the real father. IT’S FP!! You heard it here first, folks.

10) What is up with Jughead? Why is he obsessed with snake metaphors? “Shedding our skin”…“Laying low in the grass”… Dude, it’s just a new school and *technically* it’s your old school. Come off it.


Ok, actually I have 11 questions because THIS SHOW IS CRAY.

11) Why was Betty’s brother watching her sleep like that????????? Is HE the black hood?!? I think he might be too skinny to be the black hood, but I AM OFFICIALLY CREEPED OUT NOW. Nightmares to follow.

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