An Unpopular Opinion… Why Tim Riggins should have REALLY ended up with Becky.

SOMEONE at the great state of Netflix has decided to pull Friday Night Lights off the flipping internet at the end of this month. It’s a decision for which they should be drawn and quartered, but nevertheless, it’s happening. So I spent this week saying goodbye to the whole squad: Coach Taylor, Matt & Julie, Lyla, and of course, the beautiful Tim Riggins. FNL actually ended pretty well, except for *one* minor detail. Tim Riggins gets his GORGEOUS piece of #TexasForever property, starts to build a house and we’re left to believe that one day, he and TYRA end up together. C’MON MAN. This is just lazy! For a myriad of reasons, she was never right for him (the least of which is their siblings being married #redneck.) Furthermore, LYLA was never right for him either. It should have been me Becky and I intend to convince you why.


One. From the beginning of this show, Tim and Tyra are at each other’s throats. They come from the same side of the tracks, but are they really even friends? They’re stuck in a toxic, volatile relationship, bringing out the absolute worst in each other and we’re supposed to believe that they magically fall back in love and all this time were destined to be soulmates? Uh uh. NOPE. Tyra says in the finale that she’s loved Tim since she was 5 years old (which was NEVER brought up until now, btw. Convenient.) but I’m sorry honey, to the rest of us, it just looked like he had some muscle-y, long haired hold over you. That ain’t love.


Two. Everyone knows that Tim loved Lyla. I mean, LOVED Lyla, but she was too good for him. She wanted more of out life than small town Texas (no offense, Tejas) and Tim couldn’t give it to her. For awhile it seemed like Lyla could make Tim into a better man, but really it just made him feel inadequate and ultimately, he chose to be himself. (Mad props bro.) Maybe if Minka Kelly hadn’t wanted to leave the show, Tim and Lyla would have ended up together (which, I cannot lie, would have been a THOUSAND times better than the bogus Tyra storyline) but we all know Lyla would have been unhappy settling for a life in Dillon. It is *gut-wrenching* to watch her leave him on that bus, but they were doomed from the start. (Btw, what kind of crazy do you have to be to LEAVE Tim Riggins? SMH.)


Three. Enter Becky. Now, I know that she’s younger than Tim and there’s that little awkward situation where he slept with her mom… BUT JUST LISTEN for a second. She was his cheerleader! She adorrrrred him and believed in him when no one else did. He was basically left as her only adult supervision because her mother is a sucky flake, and he takes REAL care of her. He gives her his ONE prized possession when he goes to prison AND this is the kicker, THEY SHARE AN ADORABLE DOG. I mean, seriously people. Also, he punched Billy in the face for letting her waitress at a strip club. I’m happy that Becky did the high school thing and dated Luke, but when she’s 22 and Tim Riggins is 25 they are gonna realize they were SO stupid. You know, if they were real people and this actually mattered at all.

SO. To sum up: Tyra doesn’t push Tim to be a better man, Lyla makes him feel like he’s never good enough, but somehow Becky pushes him and accepts him all at the same time. He treats her so kindly that it shows us he really is a good guy… You know, despite his alcoholism and stint in prison.

Listen, you don’t have to agree with me, but I’m right. Texas Forever, y’all.

(This has been the first installment of my many unpopular opinions. Tune in next time to hear why the ending of How I Met Your Mother left me in a fit of rage.)

2 thoughts on “An Unpopular Opinion… Why Tim Riggins should have REALLY ended up with Becky.

  1. I googled this in 2021 bc I am rewatching and am just so incensed at remembering that he ends up with Tyra. It makes NO SENSE. Yuck. They just aren’t a good pair. You’re telling me she loved Tim more than she loved Landry? The man who most definitely changed the trajectory of her life. And tbh Landry was too good for Tyra anyway. Matt was too good for Julie too but that’s another blog post.


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