Victoria, Ep. 7: “The Engine of Change” Recap

“Your queen is sick.”

“We don’t say sick, we say indisposed.”

“Well, she is ‘indisposed’… out of her mouth.”


Victoria’s knocked up! A room full of grown men applaud her for getting pregnant and it’s super weird. (I wonder if this happened to Kate Middleton?) Victoria’s mother tries to help her by instructing her to take it easy, have a spa day, watch some Netflix, but she won’t listen. She’s determined to keep working, and even decides to go on a trip. (Monkey covering his eyes emoji.)

Victoria is afraid of childbirth (hello, who isn’t.) but she doesn’t have the luxury of normal mommy fears. You know, like making everyone use hand sanitizer before they touch your kid. Instead, she has to choose a regent in case she dies in childbirth, but the kid lives. (Is this covered in What to Expect When You’re Expecting?) Her fears of dying are completely justified, since the sole reason she became queen was because her Aunt Charlotte died giving birth. Without hesitation, Victoria chooses Albert to be regent and all of British Parliament collectively loses it’s mind.


C’mon Baby, Do the Loco-Motion 

Albert and Victoria take a trip up north and talk too much about trains. Apparently, the “technology” of a locomotive is like a freaking iPhone to these people. Robert Peel crashes the northern party and he and Albert start a bromance as they ride on the train. (Peel is the guy who took Lord M’s place as Prime Minister. Could it be anymore ironic that Albert likes Robert Peel while Lord M thought he was an idiot? I still miss you, Lord M.)

Victoria does what any hormonal wife would do and yells at her husband for such reckless behavior as riding on a train! (Pearls. Clutched.) Albert talks her off the ledge and convinces her to give modern technology a try. So while everyone wants her pregnant self lying in a bed, she instead, RIDES ON A TRAIN. If her mother thinks laughing is bad for the baby, we will need to conveniently leave this part out of the mini-vacay scrapbook.



Albert and Victoria are just straight relationship goals in this episode. Albert comes up with a little signal for them to do in public to say they love each other. Victoria is worried that Albert will no longer desire her post-pregnancy body. (Hold up, is this 1840 or 2017?! If this was happening right now, Victoria would be posting photos of her “Fit Pregnancy” workouts on Facebook. Chill, V. Albert is all about that bass.) Even though Albert and Victoria disagree, they always end up pushing each other to be a better version of themselves. #Marriage. Peel ends up going to bat for Albert with Parliament to approve him as regent and Albert and Victoria begin working as a team to rule the country. Awwww.


No Ernest & Harriet

You may be asking yourself how people survived before they could stalk their forbidden love interest on social media. Apparently, it was by staring at a 2X3 TINY photo. Oh, what Harriet wouldn’t give for a public Instagram feed right now. Is Ernest coming back? I mean, this isn’t a Lord M kind of deal where they just WRITE HIM OUT OF THE SHOW, is it? (Don’t @ me, I know it’s history. I JUST DON’T CARE.)

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