Suits, Ep. 13: “Teeth, Nose, Teeth” Recap

So, I need to apologize to all 4 of you who read my recaps each week. I’m a little late with this week’s post because I CAN’T STOP WATCHING SNEAKY PETE. AHHHHHHH

Our episode begins with Mike and Harvey rekindling their bromance, AND THANK GOODNESS because I couldn’t take anymore of their yelling, fighting and being separated in prison. Mike and Rachel announce they are finally getting married (yay!), and they each ask Harvey and Donna to be their best man/maid of honor. (Awww.) Mike makes a joke about Harvey tryin’ to get with Donna during the wedding, we laugh, and all is right in our little Suits world again. Party popper emoji.


The Case

Ok this lady is kind of an idiot. Mike gets her a settlement of $25,000 so she can move into an apartment that has zero shattered windows and she wants to hold out for a CHANCE at more money. Also, asthma treatments every year for her kid are going to be at least $25,000? Seriously? How much is an inhaler? HE’LL BE FINE.

I failed to mention in last week’s blog that Oliver (whom we’ll call Ollie) blew it in court. Mike tries to give the case to someone else, but there’s no one left to do it. Also, since Mike is a known fraud, he can’t even sit at the table and secretly help Ollie. They pull an all-nighter to prepare and poor Ollie STILL blows it. They lose the case, the stupid woman gets no money, and Mike realizes that as much as he wants to help people, his hands are tied because he’s not a real lawyer.

The Bar

Rachel is denied an interview to the character and fitness (aka: “made up”) section of the bar. She freaks out, then Louis freaks out, and Harvey fixes it. Turns out the dude who schedules the interviews wants a favor from Harvey. He tries to strong arm Harvey into bringing a lawsuit against his competitor that will be laced with “ethical ambiguity.”

Which brings me to my next point:

The Take Down

Every season of Suits is basically the same. There are various high level executives, lawyers, investment guys, stock brokers, etc. all middle-aged white dudes that LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME trying to take down Harvey, Mike, or The Firm. As great lawyers should, they fight back and end up using the take down to their advantage. Even when Mike was in prison, they took down his CELLMATE’S FATHER-IN-LAW to help get him out. I mean, what are the odds of that, people?

Harvey, as per usual, turns things around on this new guy (whose name I still don’t know) and ends up with a chance to get Mike into the bar. Like, almost legally. Fingers crossed.

Suits - Season 6

The Donna

Donna flirts with the IT boy so much that he makes a tiny digital voice box called “The Donna.” I don’t know if this was a one off plot line, or if this will continue through the rest of the season, but maybe they’ll make a Harvey box to tell the Donna box how much he loves her.

Ok, break’s over. I gotta go, BACK TO SNEAKY PETE!!!

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