Suits, Ep. 12: “The Painting” Recap

The Green Thing


There’s some debate online about whether this painting is a duck or an alligator. Honestly, I paid no attention and thought it was a frog for like the first 5 seasons. So, whatever the green thing is, at least we all know it represents a happier time in Harvey’s life. Yeah, it doesn’t exactly match the teal on his office walls or go with his giant record collection (#swoon) but that’s not the point. The point is that for years Harvey resented his mother, but held onto a happy memory of her. (Until that savage Elliot guy took it- Idk who he even is, but that was a terrible scene to watch.) Why did Harvey keep this painting? Because people don’t really WANT to hate their family members and underneath all of Harvey’s tough guy exterior, he really needs his family. This is exactly like when Billy Riggins kicked Tim out of the house and he ended up having to sleep in his truck, but eventually they made up and beat the crap out of a scary meth dealer. (If you can’t draw the parallel between those two storylines, I can’t help you. #missyou, Rigs. Pink heart with the arrow emoji.)


Back to the recap: Harvey’s brother is really the star of this episode. Being the family peacekeeper is a tough job. (Or so I’ve been told, I’m certainly not it, DJ is. Thanks Bubba.) Harvey goes to Boston to reconcile with his mom, hits a few bumps along the way, but is ultimately saved by his brother’s intervention. When he returns to the firm, he apologizes for screaming in Louis’ face and they decide to be co-managing partners. They also decide not to change the name of the firm which makes ZERO sense because you can’t be “Pearson Specter Litt” with no Pearson. Louis alludes to leaving the name in case Jessica decides to come back. Is this foreshadowing? Or are the Suits writers just toying with my emotions again.

Mike gets a job! Go Mike! 

Mike becomes a supervisor at a legal aid clinic and turns over a new leaf by telling everyone about his fraudulent life on like his second day of being the boss. Surprisingly, it goes over well. He works with super-curly-headed-girl on a case that they’re going to lose. He ends up giving a random lady $3600 of HIS OWN MONEY so she won’t get evicted. Which prompted this discussion in my head: when you go to prison, they freeze your assets right? But when you get out of prison, do they unfreeze them? Like, let’s say you were a fake lawyer for like 5 years and you made a gazillion dollars from it. Do you get to keep that gazillion dollars even though the way you earned it was a crime?? I guess so because bruh has $3600 to just give away to strangers. (Although I really wish he would have saved that for his own rent, so I don’t have to say goodbye to that FABULOUS apartment he and Rachel live in.)


The New Green Thing

After Harvey reconciles with his mother, he gets an updated version of the weird green painting. I love the new green thing. A) it’s a photograph, so it doesn’t look near as weird as the original. B) the new photo has Harvey, his mother AND the unidentified green animal. All emotional turmoil has now been tied up in a neat little bow. While episodes like this aren’t super fast paced and edge-of-your-seat interesting, I like to see the character’s backstories. I do think we’ve beat this Harvey’s mom horse to death though. Now that he’s been through therapy and forgiven her, can he just be ready to have a serious relationship with Donna already? Sigh.



3 thoughts on “Suits, Ep. 12: “The Painting” Recap

  1. You actually make it appear so easy with your presentation but I to find this topic to be actually one thing which I think I would by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and extremely extensive for me. I’m looking forward to your next publish, I’ll attempt to get the hold of it!


  2. As weird as it might seem, I love the duck painting. Especially the one with young Harvey watching his mom painting.
    I’ve search everywhere online for a copy of the picture to no avail.


  3. I can help you out with the painting — it’s Gaylord Gator, an Avon kids’ soap dish. I’m just watching Suits for the first time, and I was floored when that showed up, because I have one from when I was a kid. The soap dish, not the painting.


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