Poldark: the new Downton Abbey

Poldark is set in 18th century Cornwall, England and stars our main man, Ross Poldark. Ross is a British soldier in the Revolutionary War and is sent to fight in America. When he returns to Cornwall (with a gnarly scar on his face) he realizes his family thought he was dead. While he was away, his father DID die, so he gets stuck with the suckier end of the family property and a copper mine that doesn’t produce copper. Oh yeah and also- THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE IS ENGAGED TO HIS COUSIN. So there’s that.

If you have FOMO (“fear of missing out” for my mom who’s reading this) then you need to borrow someone’s Amazon Prime password and start streaming the first two seasons of Poldark ASAP. The show is made by Masterpiece PBS just like Downton Abbey, and while it has similarities to Downton, it has more action and IMO is even better. Season 3 is currently filming and is set to air (probably) in the spring of 2017, so you have ample time to catch up. Here are 3 reasons why it’s super awesome:

1. Jane Austen on Steroids

We all know there can never be another Jane Austen. Her ability to poke fun of social etiquette and the way she tells a love story can never be replicated. Poldark, which was originally a set of novels, is similar to Austen’s stories and takes it’s drama up a level. It’s darker with scandals, illegal activity and love affairs. It’s scarier with creepy prisons, starving peasants and A LOT of death. There’s family drama for daysssss and the rest of the Poldark cast includes a villain banker who thinks he can buy himself into nobility; a handsome genteel doctor, who is penniless with a heart of gold; and one super tough, admirable, and absolutely beautiful scullery maid.

2. Aidan Turner

Look, I can’t say too much about this because I’m a married woman, so I’ll just say there’s a blog online that keeps count of how many times Aidan Turner takes his shirt off each episode. You’re welcome.


And also, while we’re here, just a PSA that even though Ross Poldark is very nice to look at, he’s no Tim Riggins. #TexasForever


3. Love Triangle/Square/Pentagon? It’s a lot.

To not give away too much of the story, I can only tell you the beginning: Ross and Elizabeth are each other’s first love and they are supposed to be married when Ross returns from the war. Elizabeth thinks he’s dead, so she ends up engaged to Ross’ cousin, Francis. Ross returns, but he’s kinda poor, so gold-digging Elizabeth MARRIES FRANCIS ANYWAY. (smh) Ross is heartbroken, but ends up married to another chick. Then said other chick REALIZES Ross and Elizabeth pretty much still love each other and oh. my. gracious. just. seriously. start watching it right now. I can’t tell you anymore.


3 thoughts on “Poldark: the new Downton Abbey

  1. This is an excellent blog and your mother was reading it! Please clarify what is IMO & PSA for the 50+ group.


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