Gilmore Girls: Last Four Words

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Do NOT read this if you don’t already know the last four words!!!!


Everyone on Twitter is losing their minds over Lorelai and Rory’s last four words. They’re outraged! They want more episodes! They’re mad they didn’t get closure! As a self-proclaimed Gilmore girls connoisseur, I completely disagree. I thought it was actually a perfect (non)conclusion to the cycle of who our Gilmore girls are.

Rory: “Mom.”

Lorelai: “Yeah?”

Rory: “I’m pregnant.”

Since Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t write season 7 and she originally wanted 8 seasons, the entire time I watched this revival I kept imagining how she would have written it back then. (I read that she never even WATCHED season 7, which explains a few of the plot loopholes.) At the end of season 6, Luke & Lorelai had just broken up and Lorelai went back to Christopher. In my head, I see their relationship failing throughout season 7, while in season 8, Luke and Lorelai realize they should finally get married.

If we’re keeping with this theory, I don’t believe Logan would have ever proposed. These episodes pick up with him still in London, like the end of season 6. (And btw, did you SEE him shirtless? Time has been good to our boy.) So, it’s far more likely that the “dynastic plan” as he painstakingly refers to it, caused him and Rory to develop a no strings, long distance type thing, thus explaining their current relationship. Also, Rory would find out she’s pregnant at the end of season 8, but she’d only be 23, instead of 32. (Which makes WAY more sense in keeping with the show’s theme.) She’d still be trying to find her way in the world, would end up writing the same book, and would be tossed in love between Logan and Jess.

Now for the beauty of this show: Logan is to Christopher as Jess is to Luke. I’ve never been great at analogies, but I got this one.

Rory goes to see her dad, and asks a lot of questions about Lorelai raising her on her own. You think it’s just research for her book and Christopher has a great line when he says “Try not to make me too big a villain, I was stupid, but I loved her… and you.” When you rewatch it, it’s like you can SEE Logan’s face saying that same thing to his kid one day.


I was very curious how this would play out because fans were pretty split down the middle for #TeamLogan and #TeamJess. (#TeamDean shouldn’t even be a thing.) And honestly, I think Amy intended it that way. She wrote the show where there were times I was like wait… Am I rooting for Christopher and Lorelai?? She made me doubt my own Luke loving self. Which is the same thing she’s done to us with Rory, Logan and Jess. (Bonus: Logan and Jess even hate each other! I mean, could it be more obvious?) I am HARD CORE #TeamJess, but I found myself not wanting to part with Logan in these episodes. This show was brilliantly written because the way I feel about Logan is EXACTLY the way I feel about Christopher.

I don’t think Netflix should make any more episodes, because we know what’s going to happen. It’s a repeat of what we’ve already seen. Logan will be in and out of Rory and their kid’s life, just like Christopher was. They love each other, but they will never quite figure it out. Jess will stick around helping Rory with whatever she needs. Encouraging her, supporting her, being a best friend, all while denying he loves her. (I mean, that look through the window, COME ON. He looks at Rory, the way Luke looks at Lorelai.) Someday, Rory will realize she loves him, just like Lorelai did with Luke. (Hopefully, it doesn’t take near as long.) We don’t NEED to watch it. I mean, I totally WANT to, but we don’t NEED to. We have the satisfaction of knowing Rory will end up with Jess, because we saw Luke finally get what he always wanted.


The Twitter outrage is saying things like “But Rory was supposed to be better! Lorelai sacrificed so much for her to not have the same life!” Are we supposed to think after watching 157 episodes of this show that somehow Lorelai’s life would have been better WITHOUT Rory? Everyone acts like a kid ruins your life, but have we not been told over and over that Lorelai’s current (happy) life exists solely BECAUSE of Rory? Yes, there was heartache. But there was oh so much more joy.

Watching this show as a teenager, I didn’t fully understand it. But watching this as a 30 year old woman, I’ve come to realize that each one of our characters is fundamentally flawed. And that really life is a constant cycle of trying to overcome our flaws, but never fully being able to do so. In my perfect teenage head, the Emilys and Lorelais would learn to get along, the Lukes and Jess(s) would be able to articulate their feelings and the Christophers and Logans of the world wouldn’t make such selfish decisions. But that’s not how life works, and this show is a beautiful picture of that. Life doesn’t end with each storyline tied up in a neat little bow- Life just keeps on going. Which is why I think the ending is perfect, even though it’s not really an end. It’s yet another chapter in the Gilmore girls book.


Post Script:

If Netflix IS going to make more episodes, could we PLEASE have a spinoff with the Life and Death Brigade, starring Logan, Robert, Colin and Finn? I NEED FINN IN MY LIFE. Rory and her lost boys are straight up adorable, hilarious, and wildly entertaining. I cried for almost the entire Fall episode anyway, but I sobbed my eyes out when Rory and these guys had to say goodbye. In Omnia Paratus! We’ll miss you, boys.


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