Thanksgiving Holiday TV Guide

You know the Thanksgiving drill. Eat, shop, get a couple days off work and survive in VERY tight quarters with a lot of family members. You can’t talk about the election (read: *shouldn’t* talk about the election). You don’t want to answer for the umpteenth time why you and such and such broke up. You shop to get out of the house for a minute, but eventually you run out of money and your feet hurt. Time to turn on the TV! Here’s what you should watch:

Football! If you hate football, you should just save your carbs and skip Thanksgiving all together, because there will be A LOT of football. These are the games that will be the most entertaining:

Washington Redskins vs. Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys and Indians on Thanksgiving day? Are they still allowing this in PC 2016? You might have one emotional family member at your Thanksgiving table crying over the election, but let’s be for real- Bring up Tony Romo’s “resignation” speech and the entire table will start sobbing.

LSU at Texas A&M

Texas A&M lasted a hot second in the playoff rankings this year (RIP to those 4 days) so this game doesn’t matter. But let’s take a minute to discuss the real issue here. We all know this game SHOULD be Texas at Texas A&M. What do we have to do to get that game back? I mean, we got Chick-fil-A to bring back their original BBQ sauce, there HAS to be a way to get this done.

Auburn at Alabama:

IMO, this is the greatest rivalry game in all of sports. The tradition…the rednecks…it doesn’t get any better. The best part about this game is even though Alabama absolutely destroys (foreshadowing to my poor Gators on Dec. 3) in a rivalry like this anything can happen, kick six.

Michigan at Ohio State:

I hate both of these teams and wish they could both lose, but this game has MAJOR playoff ranking implications. Also, good luck to all you Ohio State fans out there when you find out 5 years from now there’s a murderer on your team. #Urban

When you’re tired of football/want to hide from everyone watching it: 

The Crown 

If you know me at all and/or follow me on Twitter, you know I’m OBSESSED with the royal family. Kate Middleton is my spirit animal and I send photos of George and Charlotte to my family, like they are my actual children. When the latest news of Prince Harry and Rachel-from-Suits broke, it was gossip central on my phone and my husband made this joke:

Me: “Prince Harry is actually for real dating Meghan Markle OMGGGGG”

Him: “Mike is gonna be PISSED.”

When I saw an advertisement for The Crown, I knew this show would be straight up my lowly, commoner alley. The Crown tells the story of how the current Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, came to power. I am only a couple episodes in (I’ll be posting recaps btw, once everyone has a chance to watch) and I love it already. I can only hope that one day I’ll be watching an entire Netflix series about Kate Middleton and her fabulous wardrobe.

You know I saved the best for last: Gilmore Girls Revival!!!


WE HAVE BEEN WAITING 10 YEARS FOR THIS. Bless-ed four, 90-minute episodes that will allow us back into Stars Hollow for one more year of sweet Gilmore bliss. Back with Lorelai and Rory and their caffeine induced pop culture references. Back to see if Luke is still wearing the same hat and what bizarre town activity Kirk and Taylor are planning. Back for one last look at Dean, Jess and Logan to determine which one Rory will choose. (#TeamJess!) Back to wonder if Luke and Lorelai will EVER get married?! And back to FINALLY hear the last four words.

You can check out my favorite Gilmore Girls episodes here, but on the morning of November 25th, you better make sure you have your affairs in order. I mean it. Get your pizza, your burgers, your fries, licorice, mallowmars, assortment of poptarts, donuts and ice cream because it’s not just a TV show…it’s a lifestyle.

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