Longmire: The Best Show You’ve Never Heard Of

I can’t lie to you. I first heard of this show because of a cute boy. You remember Aiden from Revenge, right? Freaking-adorable-British-bad-boy Aiden. (Sigh. Miss you.) Anyway, turns out beautiful Aiden Mathis’ real name is Barry Sloane. He posted an Instagram photo saying he was going to be in this show called Longmire and I was like “what the heck is Longmire, but who cares because I’ll watch anything with Aiden Mathis in it again.” (My husband can attest to this because I forced him to watch like 8 episodes of The Whispers before we just couldn’t stand it anymore. That’s #truelove, Barry Sloane.) Longmire, on the other hand, turned out to be a diamond in the rough and you should all start binge watching it RIGHT THIS SECOND. Here’s why you should watch all 5 seasons on Netflix:

1. Cowboys and Indians

The show centers around Walt Longmire, the Sheriff of (pretend) Absaroka County in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, located next to the Cheyenne Reservation. There’s a ton of bureaucratic rules between the white man’s land and the Rez (what the cool kids call it) so Walt is always doing something to anger the Tribal Police and vice versa. Mix in some murder, racketeering, a little peyote- and you’ve got yourself a good ole fashioned cowboys and indians feud. (Feather, not dot, obviously.) In an ironic twist, Walt’s best friend is a Native American named Henry Standing Bear. He speaks without ever using a contraction. It’s weird, but endearing.

2. John Wayne Revival

Did we all grow up with dads obsessed with John Wayne and Clint Eastwood? Because I certainly did. Walt Longmire is a modern day John Wayne. He plays by his own rules, never uses conventional methods to solve a crime and usually ends up putting himself in danger to save someone else. He’s tough, yet caring. A man of few words, yet delivers a punch when he chooses to speak. He’s the quintessential American cowboy and in today’s fast-paced technological world, he’s a no-cell-phone-carrying breath of fresh air.

3. Drama, Suspense & Utter Shock 

Ok, so this is really what we’re after in a good show, right? Something that makes us say YESSSSSSS to Netflix’s condescending “Are you still watching?” question. (I hate that thing.) You have to be patient with Longmire in the beginning. Each episode is kind of it’s own individual crime/solve the crime formula. However, the story soon starts to overarch through entire seasons with some insane twists and turns that you just. can’t. stop. watching.

4. Eye Candy

Whether you’re 25 or 65, we all can appreciate a little TV eye candy. #amiright? (And trust me, I actually know a 60 year old woman who thinks Walt is hott. Crying laughing emoji.) I told you Barry Sloane is in it, but he’s actually only in a few episodes. So here’s some photos for you to see Walt, Branch and Travis. (Disclaimer: I don’t particularly find Travis attractive and he’s kind of a doofus- BUT, he’s the same actor who played Tim Riggins’ brother in Friday Night Lights and I’ll use any excuse available to post a photo of Tim Riggins. You’re welcome.) There are also a fair number of shirtless, war-painted Native Americans with super long black hair, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Tim Riggins (Not in this show. Don’t care.)

5. Of course, the Love Story

You can pack all the mystery, gunshot wounds and Wyoming wilderness into any show, but the underlying love story really sells it. The Longmire curtain opens with Walt mourning the death of his beloved wife. The story takes about a million twists and turns from there, while the entire town thinks he’s secretly in love with his (much younger) deputy, Victoria Moretti. (Who is a PISTOL, by the way.) Is Vic in love with him? Is their relationship inappropriate? Or is it just a close, caring bond as is expected when you put your life on the line for each other. Guess you’ll have to watch and decide for yourself.

Longmire’s final season will air exclusively on Netflix sometime next fall. Until then, you have almost a year to start and finish your binge. We all know you don’t even need half that time. So grab yourself a Rainier (unless you’re a Baptist) and enjoy your tour of the wild wild west.

One thought on “Longmire: The Best Show You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. I started watching Longmire because of Vic, played by a lead actress from Battlestar Galatica. I swear I could get half of the people Longmire arrests off on technicalities (and I’m not even a lawyer, I just watched enough Law and Order to see his mistakes), but the show really did grow on me.


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